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Delta Talent, LLC has an opening for a Finance Manager position in Austin, TX. Duties Include:

1. Financial Models Update Overseeing

Assist Director on supervising, auditing, and approving the monthly update of financial models for all the Company’s investments to forecast their profitability.

2. Investment Entities’ Structuring and Pricing

Advise senior executive leadership on the financial structure of investment entities when they are being set up as well as optimal pricing on management fees and profit splits charged to investors.

3. Debt Sourcing

Perform negotiations for lines of credit and real estate backed loans and oversee their closing process all the way from pricing and terms, contracts, financial feasibility and due diligence, to loan funding.

4. Debt Compliance and Interest Rate Hedging

Examine and evaluate compliance for existing debt for the Company’s portfolio as well as create strategies to hedge interest rate risk.

5. Financial statements review and analytics

Plan and direct the preparation of key performance metrics (KPIs) in operating reports of the Company for executive leadership analysis.

6. Investor Reporting (capital calls, profit calculations, investor reporting)

Direct the calculations and assist the Director with the communications to the Company’s shareholders and investors in terms of capital calls/funding requirements, capital balances and return calculations on their investments.

7. Cash Flow Management

Oversee cash flow management of the several investment entities of the Company to ensure funds are available for the entities’ obligations while reviewing the investment of unutilized funds in low-risk securities and provide detailed reports to Director.

8. Track Record Gatekeeper

Manage and audit the track record of past and current performance of the Company’s investments ensure their accuracy for submittal to financial institutions and investors alike.

9. Banking & Lender Relationships

Establish, maintain, and expand relationship network with banks, lenders, and other financial institutions to grow the Company’s ability to secure debt funding for its portfolio.

10. Independent Valuation

Oversee the fair value assessment of the Company’s investment entities and real estate assets by coordinating the exchange of financial and market information to an independent valuer.

11. Budgeting and Forecasting

Evaluate data and trends prepared by analyst in order to budget and forecast the Company’s financial status.

12. Financial Consulting to Sister Company

Provide financial consulting services to sister company for the acquisition of retail properties in order to create a portfolio to make public.

13. Travel required

2% times per year to Mexico, 5% within the U.S.

Employer will accept a bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Business Administration or a closely related field and 24 months of experience in finance, accounting, or a closely related occupation.

To Apply:
You MUST mail resume to 1701 Directors Blvd., Ste. 810, Austin, TX 78744 Attn to: Kim Fauser referencing job code 8072. Include complete contact information (e-mail, day/evening phone, and mailing address) on resume/application.

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